GD/PI | How Many Digital Transactions Are Taking Place Currently In Our Country?

Xlri BM interview

8th march, Delhi

Xat: 99.01

GK: 92.xx

GD topic: Justice is never given, it has to be extracted everytime.

There were three panelists.

P1:  So Utkarsh why did you change your interview slot.

M: Sir I received a call from Xlri and they only changed my slot on their own from 14th to 8th march.

P2: Give us a quick recap of Utkarsh from school to college to work.

M: Spoke for around 3-4 minutes covering major details and putting more emphasis on my work ex as I wanted to drive the interview in that direction.

P2 & P1 then cross questioned on my role and the working of our start-up.

P1 advised some structural changes in the working of our startup but then I convinced them of why we chose to work it this way.

P1: So u have mentioned demonetization in the questionnaire… Why u think it’s good?

M: Talked about cashless economy, less chances of black money, more technological advancements, people understanding the advantages of digital transactions and making a shift towards them

P1: Can u tell us how many digital transactions are taking place currently in our country.

M: Currently I guess 20 out of 100 in urban areas and 1 out of 100 in rural areas.

P2: So how these numbers gonna improve.

M: Talked about a few measures adopted by gov and need to educate ppl about the same.

Btw P3 was just looking and observing me and smiling.

P1: U have mentioned POS in questionnaire, what’s the full form

M: I said it wrong…all three gave me a big surprised look!! And then thankfully I remembered the right one. Which made P3 smile again.

P2: Why didn’t u chose campus placement in TCS rather than joining a startup. (I mentioned it in questionnaire)

M: Linked it to why MBA. And benefits of working in a business development field n then doing MBA in marketing domain.

P1: u have studied in Delhi and working here only…why u want to come to a remote place Jamshedpur.

M: talked about how xlri will help me, the companies which visit xlri and I am interested in.

P2: (With a broad smile) I am not asking a question but suggesting u that u don’t need MBA, u are already working in that profile. MBA would limit ur thinking and would not let u take risks.

M: I nodded smilingly but then talked about how it will be helpful for me in achieving my long term goals.

P3: What u like to do in ur free time

M: love playing n watching cricket.

Then he asked few questions on cricket, IPL, a good discussion on why plyers r sold for such high prices.

P3 looked at p2 and they wished me all the best for future.