GD/PI | Have You Come Across Any Person Who Has Changed After Doing MBA?

XLRI BM Interview Date 12/03/2016

10th/12th/Grad= 83.14/86.33/75.04 (B.E Civil)

XAT Score GK Essay: Average

GD: India Requires Dictatorship

Decent GD. I brought new points for and against and tried to rank the points as per the given format.

PI: Three panelists P1, P2, P3

P2: What does yr name mean?

Ans: it means exteriors/external in Arabic

P1: what does internal mean?

Ans: Sir don’t know

P1: tell me and let me know then.

Ans: Ok.

P2: What do you do in free time?

Ans: Cricket and Movies

p2: Who is yr fav cricketer?

Ans: Rahul Dravid

P2: these cricketers have a lot of superstitions (has written about superstitions in one of the questions of questionnaire)

Ans: answered you need to have belief in yr self to achieve goal…..people who believe superstitions don’t believe in themselves…..low self confidence

P3: Why do u get angry at people believing superstitions?

Ans: Coz if they pressure me to believe their superstitions….asked me abt an example…gave them an incident regarding

P2: What is yr ambition?

Ans: Want to get involved in World renowned projects like Bandra Worli sea link, Burj Khalifa….want to go back to the same industry (real estate or infra)

P2: Why do these projects (infra) get so much delayed? (Related to video)

Ans: Answered how proper risk analysis is not done….not securing proper approvals…lead to suspension of project…leads to time and cost overruns.. Shortage of skilled labour….no proper planning….good to invest time in planning before the start of project….(P1 interrupts …ok we get your point ;))

P2: have you come across any person who has changed after doing MBA

Ans: gave them an answer abt my frnd who is currently doing MBA ..(.but did not look convinced) said will be meeting him today and observe the changes

P1: Asked me further questions related to questionnaire (abt work exp)

Ans; what challenges I faced in my job, new things which I did on my job…how I implemented them.

P1, P2, P3: Ok thank you

Bad GK, Average Essay, Decent GD, Good PI.

Chances of being selected?????