GD/PI | He Must Have Gone to the Moon!!

XIMB PI experience

VENUE: Mount Carmel institute of management. (Girls all around, contrary to life after MBA), Bangalore

Process: WAT and PI 8 students were there and all were present.

WAT: The topic “Smart phones: Pain killer or Pain”

Very generic topic, lot of common points between the aspirants (as per the discussion).

PI: 3 panelists, 2 in their 60’s and 1(P1) in early 40’s (also acting as the coordinator)

P1 calls me in.

P1: Can you please give me your photo id?

M: Gave him my passport.

P1: Looks at the photo and tells me you have changed so much, did you go to mars?

P2: No, his name is Aditya Chandrayan so he must have gone to the moon. hahahaha, very funny.

P2: So tell me, what was the name of the probe to mars?

M: Mangalyaan

P2: Introduce yourself.

M: Rehearsed introduction.

P2: Cuts me, you told that you are a web developer, but your profile says you are software engineer. What’s the difference?

M: told, satisfied.

P2: What do you do, web pages, web services or websites?

M: Both websites and web services.

P2: How do you measure efficiency and performance?

M: told

P2: what is reliability, availability, robustness?

M: told all apart from robustness

P2: what is difference between verification and validation?

M: told

P2: to P3, sir yours.

P3: So you are from Patna?

M: yes

P3: Who is your deputy cm?

M: With a sheepish smile, Tejaswi Yadav (I smile, they smile)

P3: Any specific reason for smiling?

M: Sir he has been a reason for much ridicule.

P3: Why do you think Bihar is backward?

M: told, discussed

P3: What do you think about NDA alliance?

M: told about tangible improvements.

P3: Do you know about Bimaru states?

M: No sir, can’t recollect. (Went about telling me the names of the states)

P3: Which school?

M: Don Bosco.

P3: Can you name the organization behind the school?

M: utter something about Saint John Bosco.

P3: Tells something about Salesians fathers.

P3: which country are they from?

M: Sir I do not know, but my teachers travel a lot to England.

P3: No, they are from Italy, but its ok, it does not matter.

M: yes sir I recalled, they follow preventive method of education.

P3: nods

P1: You have applied for both BM and HRM, which one do you want to pursue?

M: Told about BM, and about lack of interest in HRM.

P1: What all calls and their preference.

M: Told.

Greet and goodbye.

Profile: CAT: 99.71%ile

10th: 92, 12th: 72, grad: 69

Work ex: 18 months

Extra-curricular: few certificates, organized few events.

Co-curricular: CEH, Certificate in marketing from UBC.