Gd/PI | Are People Cursing Us?

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CAP (new IIM’s) interview process.

Venue: The process took place at hotel Monarch Luxor. Interviews for IIM A and IIM K were happening on some other floors and I felt like going there and asking what was my fault. But then I remembered my 12th marks and proceeded to where the cap interviews were being held.

Process: It was a two-step process. First, a written ability test and second a personal interview.


Topic: Rise of obesity in urban India and its causes, effects and solutions.

Brief: Started with defining the problem, followed it up with possible causes (sleep patterns, lack of fitness awareness, fast food culture), threw some light on solutions and concluded with a few lines of motivation like, “we must act for a healthier India and we must act now. If we fail to act, we lose out on the advantage of demographic dividend on which we are banking heavily to carry India’s growth story forward.”


All the people who had gone without me had been asked some questions either on academics or current affairs. However, I had a totally different experience.

Panelists: 3 male (p1, p2, p3)

As I enter:

P2: So tell me what is the mood outside, what are they talking about. What feedback did you receive from the previous interviewees?

Me: Sir, the initial reactions have suggested that the interviews are focused on academics and current affairs.

P3: It’s so late, are people cursing us?

Me: No, those waiting are anxious but none have cursed.

P2: what inspires you?

Me: start talking about how I am a self-motivated individual.

P2: cuts in between, tells me that he is tired and he has had a long day. Asks me to give an enterprising and honest answer.

Me: I tell him that one has various sources for motivation. I am very much inclined towards you tube videos and various success stories. Reiterate my point about finding motivation within myself.

P2: You did not hear the question, I asked who motivates you?

Me: I talk about Virat Kohli, and how his daily routine has helped him succeed. How his energy is infectious and how much professionalism he has brought into his life. Seems convinced.

P1 steps in:

So what are your hobbies?

Me: talk about my hobbies, singing, blogging, teaching

Asks what I have done to give back to society?

Me: tells about CSR, charity and an event I organized where 2000 eyes were pledged.

P3: seems to have knowledge about it asks which hospital was it associated it with.

Me: told.

P1: So why are you marks low (read 72%) in 12th? you have done well in ICSE (read 92) considered tough and not so well in CBSE.

Me: I told that the marks are deceptive and that it was a marked improvement on my performance in class 11th.

(Laughs all around)

Me: I then move on to tell him that why I felt I scored low. Seems satisfied to an extent.

P1: Asks why I want to do an MBA

Me: told the revised answer

Me: talk further about how it is something that is planned and not just out of thin air. I talk about my preferred specialization. I further add about the verified certification I did from university of British Columbia in marketing.

P2: Asks the name of the professors who took the course. And the center which gave the course (the university has two centers)

Me: told

P2: asks me 4p’s of marketing.

Me: told

P2: asks me to explain them with respect to MCD

Me: told

P2: tells that only 2 are correct and asks me to read more about the other two.

Me: I tell him that I am learning and that I am a novice bound to improve. Assure him that I will do the same.( Upon checking I saw what I told was correct ? )

P1: Tells me that this is the last question and what would I do I am not able to get through this year?

Me: Tell him that although I still have a job, I would be surprised if I do not make it this year considering the amount of hard work I have put in.

P1: asks me my CAT percentile.

Me: tells 99.71 with sectionals 98+

P1: jokingly tells where I missed 2 questions?

Me: told, also went on to say that did 2 really silly mistakes (I think this was a mistake should not have said anything)

Also told that although I have made few mistakes in the past, I have done some real good work be it CAT or my professional life. Also told that a lot of sweat and blood has gone into the preparations and me sitting in front of them was a testament to that and it would be a dream realized if I am able to make it to the double i’s.

All three of them shake hands and tell it was nice talking to you. I thank them and wish them a good day.

Profile: CAT: 99.71%ile Profile: 10th: 92 12th: 72 graduation: 69 work ex: 18 months extra-curricular: few certificates, organized few events etc etc co-curricular: CEH.

PS: Had prepared a lot of current affairs and academics but the interview did not touch those areas and was more like a general conversation and hence my scepticism. Do not know what to make of it.