GD-PI 2018 | Who is Your Favorite Football Player?

MDI Experience




Work Ex-16 Months


GD+WAT-Topic:Should services like transport be left to market forces ?

WAT was ok given the time we had for it,10 mins.Wrote about Delhi Metro in PPP,Railways can be privatised to some extent.Could not write much

GD- Same topic,1 Min to think and 10 mins for discussion,made 3 entries,2 with examples of Delhi Metro,Indian Railways and a need for regulatory authority for the functioning in market phase.(It was not good,kept getting stuck with sentences)

PI;Two Panelists,same as with WAT and GD.

P1:What is the meaning of your name


P1:Where did you do your engg from?


P1:What is this city from you did your X?


P1:A little about your father ,what does he do?


P1:So you left the job,why ?You must be in a dicey situation now

Me:I answered,it helped improving my percentile from last year and I have got calls from most of the colleges. Seemed convinced

P1:So do you think work ex is important?

Me:I answered yes and told about the qualities it helped in developing in me.

P2 was sitting silently till now,now comes into the picture

P2: So what do you do in your free time?

Me: Playing Football

P2: Fav player


P2(Suprised): Not messi or ronaldo

me:No ,have been following arsenal for past 7 years

P2:What did you like about ozil?

me:Talked about his unreal vision,picking the non obvious pass and his record as assist king

P2:A football player died yesterday,what was his name ?


P2:Tell me a bit about the telecom industry ?

Me:Answered (my work ex is in telecom)

P2:What are the major players?

Me:Told (Forgot BSNL, Oh no!)

P2:Aircel recently filed for bankruptcy,is it real?(Took me by suprise)

me:did answer that it had high debts,operational losses,failed merger with Rcom

P2:Tell me about the spectrum war ?

Me:Told something about the auctions for spectrum for different technologies(Wasn’t Convincing)

P2:What is a spectrum?


P2:What is the range of audio frequency?

Me: Messed up real bad here-told the radio frequency,told mam,I was bit confused,she told jake check

P2:What is radio frequecny?


P2:What is the frequency at which SONAR Works?

Me:(Wtf),I told what SONAR is used for,I don’t remember the frequency

P2:Told ki 12th mein e.m waves ka chart hai woh padh lena ek baar…

me:ok mam.

P2:How would you say your GD was?

Me:could have performed better,did not pick up the right moment to cut in

P1:So you have calls from x,y,z b-schools,which one will you chose?

me:I haven’t got the convert yet so it will be hard, P2 Jumps in tell me which criteria would you use to select them?


Ok Thank You,that will be all

Pata nahi kya hoga, PI toh theek hi gaya lagta hai.

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