GD-PI 2018 | Can You Do a Stand-up Comedy Set For Us?

MDI Interview Experience (Long one)
Date- 1st March,2018
Venue- DE Sorvani ,Kolkata
Panel- 2
2 panelists- One female in late 20s (F) and one male prof in late 40s(M)
Aditya- A .

WAT and GD – In a resource starved country like India, spending on space missions is a wastage of resource.

Wrote against the topic by supporting technological advancements. Mentioned how technological progress brings cumulative growth.

GD- The group made excellent points and GD was going smooth except once when professor stopped us and made a remark that whole group will be disqualified.

Just when I was asked to come inside, sir went somewhere.
I entered and greeted mam. She asked me to sit down.

F- Why are you here?
A- Mam, to be in a respectable position in corporate. (I was taken aback and thus the lame answer. Could have done a lot better here.)

F- You are already into corporate.
A- Mam, but the rate of growth is slow and I want to accelerate it. MBA will help me immensely. (Another cliche answer)

*Sir came inside and I greeted him as well*

F- So you did your in which branch?
A- Answered.
* She was going through my form all this while and saw stand up in the interest section*

F- So Aditya, you do stand up?
A- Yes mam, I used to do it in college.

F- Okay. Can you do a 5 min set for us?
A- Sure.

*Performed. Not fully prepared but it was okay. Mam was laughing as if I am the funniest guy on this planet. Sir, was like okay. Thoda has leta hun*

* Used this opportunity and quipped that Sir,I understand why you are not laughing. Told him my jokes are like DILR section of CAT. Extremely tough to interpret* * Laughter all around* *Some more jokes*

F- Okay. Sit down.
F- So what do you write?
A- Poems. Articles.
F- What genre in poems?
A- Self portrayal.
*Asked if she wants to read one*

F- You read books?
A- Not much but yes I do.
F- What genre?
A- Philosophy.
F- What is philosophy?
A- Answered something. ?
F- Tell me about any famous philosopher.
A- Sorry mam, I can’t recall at the moment.( I didn’t want to go into this)

F- Okay. Can we ask questions on current affairs?
A- Yes Mam.Sure.
F- Have you prepared for it?
A- Mam, I don’t think you prepare for current affairs. We should always be aware about recent happenings. It’s basic requirement.
*No questions on current affairs*
F- Okay. Have you thought of going for UPSC ever?
A- No Mam. Talked about how I used to admire police service when I was 6-7 years old. But now I am not interested in that.

*F to M- to you sir*
M- So you have heard of Maruti?
A- Yes, sir.
M- Suppose Suzuki wants to make entry in your sector and Suzuki management appoints you as an advisory. What advice you will give?
A- *Thought for a while* Talked about how Maruti Suzuki is perceived as a value for money brand and hence it should target the same segment in this sector as well.
*Some more average points*

M- Asked me something about how our machines damage road etc.
A- Explained. Suggested some measures.

F/M- Okay. Thank you. Take some cookie.

* Around 20 minutes* Felt could have done better in last two answers. Overall, it was decent.