GD PI 2018 | Which is Better Ola or Uber

Interview experience MDI Gurgaon (7th March)

WAT and GD: NGO works for humanity or their own vested interest!!! (15 mins each)

Interview: two professor, 1 male , 1 female young

Interview was more over rapid fire round

1. Explain ur name??? Tell me something about place you belong to?


2. Population of your home town? How big is your home town?


3. MP of your home town?


4. How many states are there in India?

Told (29)

5. How many union teritorries?


6. Which teritorry belong to delhi?


7. Who is director of Nirma university?(my grads)

told(made mistake of not saying doctor which he pointed out)

8. Director of nirma institute of tech?


9. President, vice president and prime minister of india?


10. Why doctor in name of president?


11. What is work of vice president?

explained ex officio chairman of rajya sabha

12. CM of gujarat?


13. Which industry is biggest in gujarat?


14. Share in gdp?


15. Gdp of india?

2.34 trillion

16. Number of million in trillions?


17. What is reliance famous for?

told petrochemical plant in jammagar

18. Textile brand of reliance?

told vimal(couldnt make it out first but after hint told him)

19. Which is better ola or uber?(worked in uber)

told uber and explained in detail how we deal our driver operations to customer with specific example

20. but we think ola is better?

told i worked in ahmedabad there uber is better and gave how striving to do better at place we lack

21. Which direction table fan rotates?

told clockwise( i guessed and gave reason of convention as well as the tilt of wing in clockwise direction)

22. Asked what is audience analysis?

expalined them about the ppl u target and why they want to listed to you, added them age and demograph factor.

both smiled and said good luck

(interview was rapid fire, they dint gave any time to think)