Having shaped the careers of hundreds of students, Frankfurt School is all out to expand its legacy and set its mark into the Asian Markets. Frankfurt School has recently entered into a co-operation with BIMTECH Greater Noida for the Masters in Management program.

With an institute established way back in 1988 and one of the leading universities from Europe joining hands, students can indeed expect the best of both the worlds. This cooperation offers international students specially the ones from India an opportunity to take up the first semester in India at BIMTECH Noida and the remaining three semesters in Frankfurt, Germany, thus giving them an opportunity to save money on their living expenses and fees for the first semester. With no difference in the curriculum a student can acquire knowledge and still get some time to arrange for their visa and their finances.

With a combined knowledge of both India and Germany, study abroad option in the last semester and master thesis included in the curriculum, a student definitely gets an edge over others competing with him in the job race. It not only gives him an understanding of different international cultures but also helps him fine tune his managerial capacities in managing diversified teams. A certificate from BIMTECH will raise a student’s worth in the Indian job market; simultaneously he gets an edge in the European markets for having international exposure and a better understanding of intercultural dynamics.

Like every other Masters program even this program is designed with an international student in view and allows a student to take up a part time employment for three days in a week, as the course is based on the 3 day working model. The course enables a student to select a concentration in the second semester which includes Banking, Manufacturing and Strategy & Organization, leaving a wide scope for students from various educational backgrounds to take up the course.

What should not go unmentioned here are the scholarships as BIMTECH would be offering scholarships from their side for the first semester and second semester onwards, Frankfurt School offers separate scholarships from the university side. Both the campuses of BIMTECH and Frankfurt School offer the bounties of nature in abundance, making the stay of a student immensely pleasant on the campus.

Having said so much about the course and the universities it would be unfair not to mention the caliber of the faculty offered by both the institutes. With many of them being PhD holders both the institutes have well qualified and formidably experienced faculty to teach various subjects to the students.

Hence, with world class infrastructure, inter cultural exposure, well designed curriculum and a lucrative three day model when East meets the West it has a lot to offer on a platter to the student. With extra cautious selection of students and proved excellence of both the institutes we hope to see a refined new generation with polished skill sets and a non conservative approach imbibed in our students.

Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it isupto the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion.

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