FMS pushes GD/PI to June, ongoing court cases cited as the reason

Those seeking admission to The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi are in a quandary. The GDs and PIs for the coming academic year have been pushed to last week of June. This means, that not only will the new academic year start later than other management institutes but aspirants will have to make some difficult choices with regards to choosing FMS or not.

One such candidate told PaGaLGuY that by June end, most b-schools finalise their admissions list. “What if I secure admission in some other B-school and but want to get into FMS. Should I take the risk and wait for FMS or just go where my admission is more certain,” he asked.

The other issue, candidates say is that FMS conducts GD/PI only in Delhi which means aspirants, if they are on the list, will have to make a trip to the Capital city. “June end is when things are more or less done in b-schools and some even start the academic year. It is not possibly to bunk a day and travel to Delhi. And then one is not sure of admission, it is only GD/PI,” she said.

PaGaLGuY was not able to speak to the Dean but spoke to sources in FMS who said that the delay is because Delhi University is engaged in a couple of court cases. “Since FMS comes under DU, there is little choice but to wait for these cases to settle,” said the source. The court cases, incidentally have nothing to do with FMS.

Apparently, DU has set up a committee to look into issues such as admissions and the dean of FMS Prof Raj Dhankar is on the committee. The committee is working out a schedule which will limit the inconvenience caused to FMS aspirants. Once PaGaLGuY gets Prof Dhankar’s views on the issue, we will update this article.

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