FLAME Learner’s Series – 5 steps to ace entrance exams and get a high score

Dear Aspirant,

Greetings from FLAME University – Pioneers of Liberal Education in India!

Welcome to the second part of the FLAME Learner’s Series. We hope that with the guidance given in our previous communication, you would have commenced the journey towards your management education.

This week we take an important aspect of the admission selection criteria into focus – Importance of academic scores and aptitude test scores.

Why do universities look at academic and CAT / GMAT or other entrance test scores?


    • Academic scores: High academic scores indicate a student’s inherent ability to retain knowledge. Academic scores reflect the proficiency a student has with his/her chosen field and showcase whether he/she will be able to cope with the rigor of the management program. High academic scores may also help one in securing merit scholarships.
    • Entrance test scores: Entrance test scores complement the importance of academic scores by highlighting the student’s ability to perform under pressure. These exams test students on critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. A high entrance test score is one of the key factors in deciding the quantum of scholarships awarded to students. Entrance tests like CAT are preferred by universities as performance on such exams reflects a student’s caliber across a larger competitive database.

5 steps to ace an entrance test:

    •  Plan: Plan your calendar well in advance. Preparation for entrance tests requires planning. Slowly increase the time dedicated for preparation per day and complete preparation at least 3 weeks prior to the test date. Utilize the last 3 weeks to only brush-up concepts. Take one mock test per day and relax.
    • Time: Always time yourself while working on practice tests. Time management is extremely crucial on such tests and can make or break the chances of achieving a high score.
    • Analyze: Analyze every mock test to find out areas where improvement is required. Focus more on your strengths. This will ensure that you do not miss out on scoring in areas in which you have a grasp. Work on your weaknesses to bring them to parity. Always attempt sections that you are strong at and then move to other parts of the test.
    • Read: Read books from different genres – literature, philosophy, science, history, sociology, business, management, etc. Test-makers like to challenge your understanding of unfamiliar topics in sections like Reading Comprehension. Reading articles, books, journals, editorials, etc. from different genres can help you tackle such important sections well.
    • Strategize: Most entrance tests are in multiple-choice format. Learn to use the options as hints towards the right answer. Approach tricky questions using elimination techniques to ensure getting the question right or at best taking an educated guess. The probability of getting a question right through a well thought-out guess is much higher than taking a random guess.

Score high by keeping these points in mind. And, most of all, go to the test with a calm mind.

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Student Engagement Team – FLAME University