While answering any entrance exam is not easy, some tips and tricks do come in useful when answering multiple choice questions (MCQs). A team of experts from Plancess Edusolutions provides you with some tips & tricks to improve your ability to select correct answers in MCQs.

As we know, the JEE is the toughest entrance test in India. But how many of you know tricks to mark correct answers for MCQs in JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced)? Some of you might not be aware of them. Don’t worry, in this post we’ll share some tips to select the correct answers in the JEE MCQs.

In JEE, all questions are objective with multiple choices. MCQs have four answers, of which sometimes one and at times two options are correct. Students need to circle the correct option for every question to earn marks. In order to mark the correct answer, you need to understand the concepts from every topic.

Our team of top rankers in the JEE and subject matter experts have come up with five simple tricks to get correct answers in these MCQs. Follow them to score well in the exam:

Discard highest and lowest: For questions with answers in numerical values, discard the extremes. For 60% of the cases, the highest & lowest values are not right. Be careful in choosing these answers.

Choose one amongst two options: If you have already discarded two incorrect answers, choose one out of the remaining options. You can use the previous point to select the correct answer.

Attempt all ‘no-negative marking’ questions: At times, some questions don’t carry any negative marking, leaving you free to take some chances. You should never leave such questions un-attempted. Read the marking scheme properly to ensure you attempt every such question to earn marks.

Memorize the easiest topics: Modern Physics with its atoms, nuclei, and radiation are some of the topics which cannot be ignored during the JEE. In fact, these topics will help you earn about 20-25 marks in the exam with ease. They require not more than a couple of days to understand. Hence, memorize the easiest topics to score well.

Pay attention to diagrams: Even if you are not sure of a topic or concept, you can still score well in the test. Learn to draw an approximate diagram according to the given parameters. It might take a little to draw the diagram, but will help you score good marks in IIT JEE Test, as the solution may be easily visible in the drawing itself.

The Bottom Line

The above five tricks will help JEE aspirants mark the correct answers for MCQs and earn good marks in this highly competitive exam.

The Plancess Edusolutions team is present on PaGaLGuY with the userid @plancess. Write to them to get more tips and ideas. This article was originally published on their blog JEE-Mag, and has been lightly edited for clarity.

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