Five Point MBA (Part-1)

It’s funny, how quickly time passes. For me, it only feels like yesterday when I was sitting in a cubicle plodding through my workload with decided indifference, when I received ‘the mail’. It was the mail that I had been waiting for, for longer than I cared to admit; the mail that had possessed my hopes and dreams ever since I had given my selection interview; the mail that would trigger a course correction in my career trajectory; the mail that would change my life, for the better (I hoped). It was March 21st, 2012 and I had just received the mail that confirmed my admission at IMT Ghaziabad.

The next year and three-quarters have been but a flash – I have gained more knowledge, met more people, given more presentations, completed more projects and cleared more exams than I have ever before in my life. To crystallize all that I have learned over the past 20 months from IMT in one post is a difficult, nay, impossible task – nevertheless, I shall make a stab at it.

MBA Lesson 101: if you have more information to present than is manageable, break down the content to its very essence – and use bullet points (because everybody loves bullet points). So, in keeping with true MBA tradition let me offer the five key takeaways from my time at IMT: