So finally the Judgment day is over! Kudos to call getters; there is just one more door left between this world and dreamworld. However, for those lot who could not make it, no words of encouragement suffices to beat the over-riding gloom. Only divine intervention to blow spirit of life can make things fine and fortify with strength to move on. My journey to this path started in 2009. A big connoisseur of Hollywood, I see huge parallelism between journey of train and my journey of CAT. Some lessons I can never forget in life. One of them being ‘Parallelism’ Being in premier institute, I saw immaculate ambitions in peer group to crack CAT and enter one of the top schools. “Gateway to future”, “fortune-changer”, “comfortable life” et al were some of the eptithets in evidence of CAT crackers. The Train arrives on station. I joined one of reputed coaching institutes in Mumbai. Could not crack any entrances in 2010. 2011 went in adjusting to IT atmosphere. I am deep asleep in the journey. The engine rythm is just too soothing. Depression coupled with success of colleagues and batch mates made slumber inevitable. Ambitious people were alight on the right station. Prepared as usual. Boisterity, spirit and enthusiasm outlining their attitude. However, the train starts again. I took to study on my self in 2012. It required humungous courage to gather requisite spirit. Afterall you can never forget that wave of parents and friends who came to see you at the beginning of the journey. Their expectations burdened one left of shoulder balanced only by their blessing and well wishes on the right one. 2012 was well predicted in the movie by the same name. But the world which got destroyed was mine.(Thank God!!). It always pays to have new founded friends in the train journey. You are saved from the mundane hum and torturous logn journey. 2013 was fresh start leaving the mayan prediction of my brain behind. I joined again another class. Gave full of my weekends and bits from weekdays whatever was left after the grind from workplace and bus journeys. Once travelling to class on train, one afternoon, I saw how the train crushed my life on tracks behind. Moments turned into years and the sunlight turned pale. I was woken from deep slumber. The paleness in sunlight was reminiscent of time passing by like hurricane and I, in my vagary, belittled the journey. Judgment Day decided that the elite institutes will not tolerate an iota of me. I have to get up, freshen up and leave the train. This is becoming dangerously kafkaesque- just the church scene from his spooking “The Trial”. New station is unknown, but that will mark the start of new journey. The train has stopped. I sip cup of introspection tea from clay-cup of hopes, ambitions, fortune, time, life. The train starts and I crush the clay-cup under its horrendous wheels.