Fare thee well: NIT-J to its final year students

The wonderful four years of college have come to an end. And that heralds the season of farewells where the juniors bid adieu to their seniors with great pomp and show. 

The farewell celebrations at the National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, was no different. The third year students are busy preparing for the feast while the final year ones are busy in collecting memories of the good old times in the last four years.

Farewell is the last occasion when both of them are going to celebrate together with their faculty, friends, staff of the college. On this day, the juniors, faculty and staff wish them for well their bright future. It is a big moment for both. Not only the students even the teachers are overwhelmed.

The Placement Coordinator of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Piyush Shukla, said, “The juniors had put up a great show at the Central Seminar Hall for Adelante 2k16 (the name of the farewell ceremony); the decoration, arrangements, and the memories that they have created are praiseworthy.” 

He added, “The juniors of CSE stream had hung stars from the ceiling. The stars contained pictures of their seniors.” 

The final year students from other branches also spoke well of their memorable farewell celebrations. They said that their juniors had collected every piece of information about them and used it cleverly while playing games with them during the farewell. And above all, the farewell of each branch begins and ends with photo sessions, and that helps preserve these moments and memories forever.

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