Falling in love with Switzerland!

The first thing that comes to the mind of most Indians when they hear Switzerland is Bollywood. The film industry’s attachment with this beautiful country is not just for fun, but for the simple reason that it has spectacular beauty. I was super excited when my parents told me that we would go to Switzerland. Why wouldn’t I be, after all even I have enjoyed the countless movie songs from Bollywood right from childhood!

Out of all the places we visited in Switzerland, it was a small charming place named Interlaken which stole my heart. You would be interested to know that it was right here in this lovely town that many scenes from DDLJ were shot. Like many other girls, I too was smitten by the whole romantic saga at that crazy age.But putting all that apart, Interlaken is truly mesmerizing. It is one of those places which has more beauty than your eyes can see.

Interlaken being a small town has a population of just a few thousands! The town in itself is so small that all I can remember is one big main street and some other small cosy alleyways here and there. It’s mainly a tourist spot and one the most important attraction for the region is the Jungfrau mountains. The Jungfrau mountains consists of 3 peaks- Jungfrau, Eiger & Monch. Jungfrau is the highest point in all of Europe and that’s why it is a hugely popular tourist destination. Interlaken is also known for fun adventure activities.

We decided to try out one adventure activity, and my pick was Paragliding. By far it has been the most exhilarating experience of my life. Jumping off a cliff, a few thousand feet above the ground level and gliding over the mountains and lakes and a touchdown in about 45 minutes, now that’s something. Of course you have a professional to help you do this activity. It’s worth every penny that you pay.

The trip to Jungfrau (13,642 ft) from Interlaken is one scenic train journey that you must not miss. The train services in Switzerland are excellent and always on time. The train meanders through the Alps, and on the way you see tiny villages tucked into the mountains, pastures of green grass with cows grazing, streams and waterfalls, and as you go closer to Jungfrau you see snow. This peak is covered in snow even during summer. Right at the top, you have a restaurant, a railway station and a Sphinx Observatory. There is also an Ice Palace for tourists to visit. Believe it or not, all these facilities at 13,642 ft!

When in Switzerland, don’t forget to sample their world famous chocolates and their ice cream.Lush green open spaces, clean cool air, friendly people all around, homes decorated with flowers and of course the trademark snow covered Swiss Alps. This is how I will remember this country forever.