(you know what @Mani one of my fellow mate from Batch 3 asked? “Kanti tu waha(Training and Placement) hi sota he kya sara din desk me?”ROFL)

Jokes Apart, Heavy hearted, As if last two years were quick,everything happened so fast, When I came to this part of India, It was a whole new experience for me, Eating loads of butter made my stomach cramp, saw people can’t get tired of eating alu paranthas.Raja dhaba, That Bihari cigarette seller in front of the college gate, so many things. I don’t feel it got end i mean we are done with our Post graduation degree, it’s just we are kick starting our life independently. Isn’t it thrilling?exiting?Since last week It was our family parents ,teachers, professors who guided us to take any kind of decisions and steps but now it’s me, it’s you it’s us who will take this next and that’s the reason i am feeling Grateful to all those who taught me during this two years, So many names to mention, let’s start this with Hemraj Sir, It’s not that I am gay seriously feel you are damn cute and Handsome Sir,besides all those you taught me,My best teacher awards goes to you. Ekta srivastava mam,I have seen very less people so well-mannered and humble than you, Business communication classes were full of learning, Sorry mam If I disturbed you during the classes, but we learnt a lot from you and your gestures. MOhit Sir-IT was like a demon for me initially during my graduation, but you made it so easy. I just loved your classes. :-).Rahul Chandra sir, How can I forget you?god,you were like our life saver,without you I bet Holy Christ would also not be able to make me pass in Q.T and SCM. Believe me you have huge fan followers.Thank you sir for making this donkey a Horse(Ha-ha).Ramarcha sir,SushilSir,Ranjanabha sir for bringing their huge Industry experience inside the class, god you people are like encyclopaedia.Ankit Gandhi Sir, My mentor, he taught me to live with dignity, self-respect although fought with him few days back. I will miss you sir in every way. Last but not the least Joshi sir, PR Manoj (here)I apologize for everything. I respect all of you and the hard work that you people are putting in to close the loose ends.

Coming to my friend’s part. God i don’t want to write, ronadhona chalu ho jaega yaar. let’s do it although –Pragya-Tu jaesi bhi he ek adat he jo chut nehi sakta the adat called friendship,Vishal-you were ,are and will be a brother to me always ,Vinit-sweetheart and gussa wali,Mayur-Ab tere bare me kya batau,everyone knows how close we were ,Sandeep-My family here ,Kunal-Gale me dasne wala saap hahaha,Richa-The root of Batch 3,Sweta-A genuine human being ,Ghanshayam-I admire your honesty and dedication but abhi bhi gali dunga tujhe agar sara din lappy leke baetha rahega,Ela-Awwwwww,Nawaz-Bhai mera LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST MY SWEETHEART Navrattan ji,life was too good whenever this honey bunch was around god bless you dear, you are a sweet soul.I will miss you people, A lot and lot every one of Batch 3,can’t take all the names here, but these people were there when I needed them badly. I Did my part being a Galgotian{He he thousands of complains, few articles and managing management club and my class was not so easy, Got criticized every way around tasted love and respect too from juniors. Thanks for being there. :-}

Stay connected buddies…Stay blessed

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