Faculty @ Masters In Emotional Intelligence by MU: Vineeta Gupta

Faculty for Corporate and Business Communication

An HR professional, Trainer and Coach for more than 12 years now, Vineeta has done her MBA (HR) from ITM Business School. For a large part of her career, she worked in the field of HR in the corporate sector with companies like United Phosphorus Ltd, STAR C. Currently, she teaches as Visiting faculty in the areas of Business Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Organisational Behavior in colleges in Mumbai and consults at organisations like Poddar Developers Ltd. 

Speaking about teaching Interpersonal Communication at MEQ-GICED, she says “There is a pressing need to develop leaders who are Emotionally Intelligent. The benefits and importance of Emotional Intelligence are already researched and proven. The content of the course being taught here is extremely relevant and practical.”

Students describe her lectures as interesting, exciting and mentally stimulating.