Faculty @ Masters In Emotional Intelligence by MU: Supriya Sharma

Faculty for Corporate and Business Strategy

A healer at heart, Supriya naturally gravitated towards teaching and training after graduating from IP College, Delhi University and attaining a Masters from Welingkars Institute of Management and has been teaching HR since 2003. She is a visiting faculty at MEQ-GICED for Corporate and Business Strategy.

She feels that in an inter-dependent and ever changing world, looking at corporate challenges from multi-dimensions is a distinctive competence. She has much to offer in the aspect of accentuating the meaning by backing up theories by real life business stories and case studies, given her years of research and study of various sectors.

Regarding the course, she says, “The student, truly, is at the centre of management pedagogy in this temple of learning. It’s no monologue; dialogue exists between the faculty and students here. The needs and challenges of the student in the real world are visualised, first and then, every effort is made to equip them for the same.”

She reckons that the future of EI & HR is phenomenal because with globalisation comes the need to integrate an incredibly diverse, yet emotionally united workforce and hence, one needs to go beyond the traditional methods of integration causing EI to be that embalming tool. Emotional Intelligence, as a course, is futuristic in its approach, and will go a long way in enhancing the efficacy of HR.

She says that there is an urgent need to create an awareness about EI in society and more so, in the corporate world. To address human needs in totality, the changes in desires and self-images in comparison to that of the past generations, one has to deploy EI as that effective weapon that meets the demand of people to be treated in a holistic manner.