Faculty @ Masters In Emotional Intelligence by MU: Dr. Swapna Patker

Faculty for Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Intelligence

A Multi-Faceted Person: A Psychologist, Counsellor, Corporate Trainer, Co Cognitive Therapist (CBT) and Wellness Consultant, among many, Dr. Swapna feels very strongly about her subject of emotional intelligence saying that it is connected with every person no matter which profession they belong to, if one wants to sustain in this world and live peacefully, successfully and harmoniously, the knowledge of this is essential.

Given her experience in various fields, she believes in practicality and sharing her personal experiences to enrich the content that she teaches.

According to her, there cannot be life without Emotional Intelligence in the future because we have to keep the distinction between man and machine. She believes that, albeit awareness regarding EI has begun, it is at higher levels and must be introduced in schools at primary level and gradually step by step induced in human life right from the beginning so it becomes easy for them to cope with the life they have to face in the future.