Expert Excerpt at LIBA #7: Acquiring Additional Skillsets by Mr K Gaurav Kumar

In this week’s BMI Session held on 17th January 2018, we had with us our very own alumni Mr.K. Gaurav Kumar, Headggg head of Gaurav Kumar & Associates who spoke about the importance of acquiring additional skill sets in business or corporate field. Gaurav was part of our F11 Batch. He was one of the 5 pointers and didn’t have great grades. He however pursued a Computer Secretary course along with his PGDM. The Computer Secretary course had a 3 tier structure in which he had already cleared the second stage before he appeared for CAT and XAT. He had always been a quick learner and was good at arguments. Reading balance sheets came easy to him. This helped him complete his CS in the August of 2010. But to achieve this he had to properly plan his time during his time at LIBA. He picked classes after 6 in the evenings as well as weekends so he could get enough time to work elsewhere. In this competitive environment, it becomes imperative that people pick up additional skills. He had a passion for accounting and decided to pursue it. He wondered about happens in the board meetings of companies. He wanted to be his own master and didn’t take the offer from HBI during placements. He decided to take the risk and it worked for him. Passion should always guide us. He was good at marketing but never pursued it. This was because he didn’t have the flair for it. Spending more than five lakhs and not learning something extra felt very useless to him. Out of the 60 plus subjects we study he appeals to the audience to find the one that excites them. Being a litigator, today he has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. His job requires him to be good at debating and arguing. He was better than most at this. He asks us to find out in what terms they are better than others. This will equip us to become adept to all that is to come in the future. His life principles came from things that he was good at. He was good at playing chess – This helped him to keep his priorities straight, Sometimes you need to sacrifice the Queen to save the King. Second was Typewriting. Always grab opportunities. Can you remember the last time you had the chance to redo something you had done? Lastly, it was his Creativity. He asks us to search for our passion in the most mundane things. He found that he had a talent in Mimicry and now he is also an RJ at 94.3 FM Mumbai.

He remembers the first time he started his practice in his house. Within 5 months, he had built up an organization. After 18 months, he ran into a rough patch. He started doubting himself but data helped him. He and his friend analyzed data about cases pending and the number of people available. This helped him majorly. Startups need to differentiate themselves from others. LIBA made him understand the market. If he didn’t start his practice then, he would’ve definitely regretted it. He asks us to not get bogged down by placements. Whether it’s fundamental or technical knowledge; remember that if you have the required skill set, you can be your own bread. Never compare yourself to others. This will only demotivate you; always remember that opportunities come at every point in time. Stay grounded. Acquire a skillset and make it a hobby.