Executive MBA : Why this is the Biggest Ever Decision of my life.

In about a week`s time, I`ll be moving to IIM Calcutta to pursue my one year executive MBA (PGPEX-VLM) . Looking back, it seems its the biggest ever decision that I have ever made in my life. Here is why :

1. Leaving a relatively set job and a stable career.

Ever since I graduated from college and took up a job, I`ve always have had a sense of pride in my job. Being “Employed” means a lot to me. Many of my cousins, look up to me. Many of my aunts show me as a role model for their kids. A job provides a sense of financial security. Its a social status. A sense of pride. I feel more respectable in society when I`m employed. After accumulating nearly 6 years of experience, going back to college is a very big decision.

2. The all-important Marriage during middle of a rigorous program

Well, marriage should have been the biggest ever decision that one ever makes. But, when you have found your ideal partner, it would be the most easiest decision to ever make. Thankfully, I found one with the blessings of my parents. But still, considering marriage is a big once-in-a-lifetime event, there are lot of factors that goes in. From rituals, to shopping, to marriage, to travelling, to even planning honeymoon, there is lot of ground to cover. Getting married in middle of a rigorous course is nearly unheard of. Not that its not done before, but it requires a lot of sacrifice. There were various dates that were considered for the marriage. But, it so happens that Aug 31, 2014 seems to be the most ideal date and if we skip that date, marriage wouldn`t take place for a couple of years. So, they say, Marriage is made in heaven. Probably that is true. Marriage and Marriage date is fixed in heaven without considering the rigorousness of a executive MBA program.

3. Financial security

As I was working and drawing a relatively decent salary, there was a sense of Financial security in me. Even if I come across something that I could not afford, I could always swipe my MasterCard or visa and pay it the next month. But, now that I am a part of India`s unemployment force, every penny seems to important and before I spend money, I need to think twice. On top of unemployment, a large loan of 12 lakhs rupees looms over my head. Adding fuel to the fire is my Insurance policies, Mobile bills and credit card bills.

4. Peer Pressure

Other guys in my office who are of the same age, are taking loans for car or loan to construct a new home. But, I am taking loan for education. Other guys are looking forward to settle, whereas, I`m leaving a stable career and looking to unsettle. Other guys are planning to marry and are drawing up plans on where to fly for honeymoon. I would be probably planning how to give my response on Robotics or Smart Material exam paper that is just a week after my marriage. Another fact is, during any marriage, one definite question asked by almost everyone is “What does that Guy Do?” or “Where does he work ?” In my case, to introduce me as a Student to others during marriage is unbearable. It is nothing short of a glorified insult. I`m hoping at least “Executive MBA from IIM” is the only saving grace.

5. Going back to school after 6 years

I strongly believe that age and cognitive ability is inversely proportional. Its been nearly 6 years after touching books or sitting in a classroom or taking down notes. Going to school after a long break is definitely going to take some time. All the gears of brain have practically corroded and rusted. Sitting is office meetings for one hour itself makes me yawn. I wonder if my brain still has the power to sit in a classroom and focus on the lecture without succumbing to sleep.

That being said, what is Life if there are no challenges ? After all, What is life if you know everything that`s gonna happen ? Uncertainty is what makes life interesting. So, all in all, its a big risky adventure of my life and I do believe people who take risks(may be – calculated risks) in life will be suitably rewarded. I conclude this article by a nice Chinese proverb that I came across recently –

Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it

About me : I`m a Manufacturing Engineer, I am Aerospace Engineer, I am Continuous learner, I am MBA aspirant. I am a Newbie Blogger. I am Arun Prasad. You could follow me and my journey on my blog – www.aroundynamics.com

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