Interview Blues or just an over-hyped situation

Now, I wonder why is it good to get nervous in an Interview. As Captain Cool, himself says, when one is nervous, one is afraid of committing a mistake and hence he/she performs better.

Getting afraid is a good thing, it completely flushes out the need to be casual and hence focusing on the apt responses the interviewer is dying for. It has its downsides too, many-a-times being nervous would only help in stammering. And nobody in the history has ever been a fan of that, except the girl you are proposing.

However, being nervous (and then being at the epitome of concentration level) might just help in memorizing the important jolted points you have made, which you have always wanted to reflect to the panel. Though, if the candidate has the right mix of attitude and knowledge, he/she might just act calm and play it cool. After all, who wouldn’t like the person who doesn’t get nervous in situations. {Let go the fear – #fightclubmovie}

I used to live on the fact that Interview is, and should not be anything more than a face-to-face interaction and one should always feel comfortable enough in the room {Achievable by breathing at normal pace and spilling the words rather slowly}. Though it seems legit at times, it could back-fire big time. Being casual in an Interview, might get you off-focus of what you should discuss and what not. It might also lay an impression that one is not serious towards the Job/College. But, considering from an Interviewer’s perspective, he/she just wants to know about you and “Could we be a lethal combo?”, for the Organization!

Also, since, most of us don’t have that go-anywhere-dont-care attitude (a risky substitute, no doubt), it could help straight-out if implemented with the right ingredients and ending up impressing the Interviewer with your confidence.

Look at it his way, suppose you don’t have even a minutest idea of the sound coming from the Interviewer’s mouth and which sound to make. The best bet would be to act honest, confident and assuring them of improving on the skills they are expecting.

At the end, totally casual/calm nature won’t help alone, you need to be in the room mentally and the mouth should, and should only follow the mind.

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