Everything You Didn’t Know About Our Admission Process : School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL)

School of Inspired Leadership is a niche B school situated in the heart of Gurgaon. Over the years we have attracted some of the brightest minds in the country. One common student feedback is that most MBA aspirants don’t know the uniqueness of SOIL admission process. With this write up we aim to provide an insight into SOIL admission process.

Admission process has been designed by India’s leading Human Resource Consulting Organization – The parent company of SOIL, Grow Talent Company is one of India’s leading HR consulting firms. As one of India’s largest talent appreciation practice Grow Talent has helped leading brands identify and groom talent for leadership positions in more than 500 Indian and global organizations. Deep expertise in the talent appreciation practice forms the basis of application & selection methodology at SOIL.

Talent Appreciation Process – SOIL application process is a selection process and not an elimination process. We take a strength based approach for student selection. Every step of the Talent Appreciation Process is thoughtfully designed to give us an in depth understanding of the applicant’s strengths. We look at the following components as part of the Talent Appreciation Process:

      • Profile Evaluation: Online Application Form
      • Fit: Essays
      • Entrance Test: SOIL Assessment
      • Feedback: Recommendations
      • Talent Appreciation: Interview

We Want Dreamers – Extensive work in HR consulting and leadership development practice shows that inspired leadership is the result of an individual recognizing his unique talents and aligning those to his purpose. Our process gives applicants and us a deep understanding of who they are and what do they truly care about. Thus, our essays revolve around questions like – If you had all the time and resources in the world, what would you like to create and why? This helps us understand what our applicants dream about and how SOIL can add value to help them realize their aspirations.

SOIL Assessment Test: Entrance Exam – SOIL Assessment Test is the standard test for admissions to the SOIL one-year full time programs. It starts with who the individual is and determines how the person can fit into and grow with the organization. It provides data for measuring a person’s potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations and likely behaviors on the job. It believes that when people are in roles that are best suited to their basic personalities and motivations, they not only perform well – their productivity actually surpasses expectations. It has helped in selecting the right people, developing the best talent and creating the organizational culture an organization needs to succeed.

For more details on the SOIL Assessment Test please get in touch with any member from our Admissions Team.

Interview Panel – SOIL is a fast paced, intensive one-year career accelerator program. For this reason, SOIL interview panel comprises of faculty member, industry expert and alumni. The interview panel assesses the student’s capability to handle the rigor and pace of our program and helps evaluate the growth potential of the candidate in the corporate world. Both these inputs form the basis of final student selection.

Most of our applicants have found SOIL application process an engaging journey in self-discovery. If you want to know more about SOIL or about preparing for an interview please get in touch with us at SOIL admission.

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