Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Beginning of college life comes from the end of the school life. This transition from school to college is a big one. It changes your life completely and determines where you going to stand strong in the future. College life is more about freedom, fun and friendships. However,it brings along with it a sense of competition, self dependence and responsibilities. Like every other teenager, I too was very anxious on the first day of my college. Along with the excitement, there was a sense of nervousness also as all my friends secured admissions in different colleges and I was the only one to be in NIT. So, it was a whole new atmosphere for me. As soon as I stepped into the college, memories of the first day of my school came back to me, how i cried that day to avoid going to school.

No matter
how much you grow up, the heart is still the same. The first few days were a bit boring for me. I have a
reserved kind of personality.
So, I was a bit hesitant in talking to those unknown faces. I roamed around the college
those anonymous people became
familiar to me and we turned to friends.

Our campus is a big and all of 150-acre, with greenery spread all around
and It was much bigger than my school where I had spent 10 years of my life. Classes started,
teachers came in,taught us and
went away.It was not like the school days where teachers used to ‘restrict’ us like parents
normally do.

strange it was – we used to get irritated by
restrictions during school days and now we miss those bindings. But as the time passed, I got
habitual to my college routine.

Every phase of life has its own charm
and importance. School life had its own importance. And now, college life will
play its own part. It has started on a good note. I hope to enjoy and learn a
lot from this phase.