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As we all know, Verbal Aptitude is an
important component of a number of competitive examinations such as the UPSC
Civil Services Examination, Banking Entrance Examinations, SSC CGL/CHSL
Examination, MBA Entrance Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination, etc.
In order to help you practise and improve your verbal ability, we provide you
this English Quiz.

Given below are a few questions from
SSC examinations held in the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in
the comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-5) In these questions, some sentences
are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate word (s). Four
alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative.

1. Take possession of the records immediately so that they
are not ………..  with.

(a) destroyed

(b) manhandled

(c) tampered

(d) mishandled

2. Having lived a …………. life for 40 years, he is not able to
take any independent decision.

(a) happy

(b) successful

(c) safe

(d) cloistered

3. I like listening to the radio but I am not always
impressed ……… the quality of the programmes.

(a) with             (b) at              (c) about               (d) by

4. I saw a man …….. the wire and walking away.

(a) picked

(b) having picked

(c) picking

(d) picking up

5. Sometimes truth is stranger than ………

(a) falsehood

(b) lies

(c) fiction

(d) history

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1(c)             2(d)         
3(d)           4(d)     

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