Rahul Robinson (19), a first year engineering student of Dr. C. V. Raman University in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, has recently recovered from a coma. Rahul was in a state of comatose for the last six months after he was found in an unconscious state in Sarkanda area on the night of July 11, 2015.

Bilaspur police had until now treated the case as an incident of road mishap, but Rahul’s statement has altered the course of the investigation. After recovering from coma, Rahul revealed to his parents that he did not meet with a road accident but was badly injured by two of his friends, who hit him with iron rods. The police have charged both the friends, Sayyan Bhukari and Pradeep Agarwal for attempt to murder and assault.

“We have charged the accused, Bhukari and Agrawal, under Indian Penal Code section 307- Attempt to murder, section 341- Punishment for wrongful restraint, and section 34- Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention,” says an official of Sarkanda police station.

According to the statement from the police, Bhukari and Agarwal, along with Rahul and a female friend partied at different places in Bilaspur on July 11. While they were wandering around the city streets, the accused entered into a heated argument with the victim, after which the accused hit Rahul on his head with iron rods. They escaped the crime scene after calling for an ambulance to assist the victim. Rahul was then left alone on the road in an unconscious state. The role of the female friend in the crime hasn’t surfaced till now. 

“On July 11, Rahul informed his family about his visit to Raipur along with his friends. However, they were all in Bilaspur that night and never visited Raipur. The accused and the victim had consumed alcohol from a local bar on that night, following which, the incident happened. His friends informed his family and the local police that Rahul had met with an accident and sustained serious injuries,” Says CSP of Bilaspur, Lakhan Patle.

The accused, however, have not been arrested as yet. Bilaspur police are now tracking the accused with the help of their mobile phone details.

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