ELECTIONS ’14- To Build up INDIA better!


” AAP k pyaar me Kamal is baar Haathon pe khil rha hai”

The campaigning voting polls and party rolls all done and hope india stood together for better.These times are & should be like the India-Pak match..where whole India FEELS together for whole India.

Our India is Huge.. Diverse.. largest Democracy.. alMOST populated.. multi religious and has a !confusingly-focussed! public. (mark that word ;p)

But this all needed a serious ‘think feel thrill & discussion’ procedure. In my views.. being wisdom-bound after 2000 i.e. having a thinkable mind in 21st century.. we had the best chance & duties available to prove ourselves and improve our india. We don’t have swaying thoughts with loud-liners like ”abki baar.. har hath shakti.. aam aadmi” and all. We don’t follow the flow and don’t even need to. We are that much capable to know and imply our self-esteem for national interest. So.. with keen and widened observance.. lets be practical in decision and aware in precision!


This is kind of a link we should’ve preferred in our any & every linking approach. Youth likes CHANGE.. so basically that old techniques of parties accusing or even abusing each other won’t make us misusing our votes. The change lies in judging them & analyzing the Manifestos, they boast lesser about- than condemning else.

We are definitely able-enough to know what is right and required foremost in the present time. Like “Secularism issues” or “Employment”.. Like “brabbling over riots” or “Sensible measure to prevent another”.. Like “Falling Dollar” and/or “Rising Population”.. Like “fighting over Ram temple/Babur Mosque ‘s exact yards-location” or “Locating India together under them”.. Like “Communal agitations inside” or “being firm against terrorism from outside”.. Like “Reservation” or “Poverty”.. Like “Corruption evil everywhere” or “Assisting the lesser evil by being honest”… there are so many issues to be acknowledged and search for in their 30% worth-noticing part of campaigning.




The only question BJP cleverly led india to is ‘Party or Modi’!? Can you expect the developed-State level at the developing-Nation level? by a Person Smart experienced & Intelligent enough with a benefit of being Single i.e. knows well to speak and express. 😉

But yes he speaks alottt sometimes extra and more confusing than impressing specially when against others and their “in-laws” too!

He has conquered hearts in Gujarat and minds in the rest India- his so called Wave is flowing in masses too. His ideology seems so pure simple, straight & sweet.. employment.. development.. Action not Acts.. Latest Technology.. etc. Etc.!

Youth views can’t flow with the wave but with the base of that but yes Employment is one of the biggest issues and if Modi ji can become a reference for Gujarat.. Nation can surely expect a lot from him! & Thats it.


Last times of their decade rule brought the worst for them. Being a 60 year old party.. Congress has the name Indian Politics is always counted upon. They have been deciding our lives. India rose high from dirt petals towards shining sky. Though being “silent”.. India’s violence was diverted well to development & foreign deals gradually..till the dollar fall and scams rose to expose.

Well for the time being.. people have early limit of being fed up and try “Ctrl+Shift+New”!

Yes they have a youthful representative Mr. Rahul Gandhi who always seems new to Indian politics.. but its just a hope for them that he may recover the already lost status congress earned. If youth feels that he is youngest of all and has a new advanced Thinking India requires.. ignoring the party’s -ve stats.. one could promote +veness through him well.

AAP or HUM (or whatever)-

Man! They were “great”.. they got to “superb”.. then rose to “awesome unbelievable!” and then “FALL!”. A flop-hope show one would call all that.. so much to expect.. then so much to smile for….. then so much to get shocked.. so much to criticise & finally so much to just laugh upon and accept. The journey from ‘cut-short the bijli-paani bills to being self-power-cut for the Lokpal Bill.. that made them or may be “show them lose to negative in the beginning for unwillingly befooling an always- over expecting+over emotional public.

Its not criticising.. its the reality of their “daring to change mindset” which failed and is now “set in mind”. Challenging such 2 big parties in the capital and winning (by hook or uhhmm.. yea hook) was a big thing for them to cheer and steer upon. But now challenging a 12 year old n successful CM of world’s 2nd best state govt. after not-so-good 50 CM days may seem jovial to many.

“Political entry in its Daldal fir tezi se aage badhne ki halchal jaanleva ho sakti hai”

But guys.. that needs courage to stand start & set again. He has stirred thrilled awakened the youth to think for them for country and not blindly follow.. he suits the line “Change is Necessary”! “Genuine True and Us (mango man)” if these still get reflected from Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.. he deserves a chance to prove himself and rectify his own lokpal measures.. and this time ALONE!

#If not.. if he needs to match the level of experience apart from extra-simple honesty in this dirty game.. and has left big doubts at an early stage.. ”if he was a hope/if he is a hope” still confuse.. if quitter as a CM brings fear of Loser as a PM..then frankly being practical—

Nation in his hands can be risky..in the highly competitive world where next 5-10 years have potential of positioning us and even decide our career life and almost everything! So Let’s see 😀

I read smwhere-

Knowledge Speaks.. Wisdom Listens!

May the wisdom of all worked!

#MAY the Best wins 🙂

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Thank you.. 🙂

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