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A detailed study of EDII graduates (Alumni Survey Report 2017) was conducted by Dr Jignasu Yagnik, Dr Satya Acharya and Dr Suresh Malodia – faculty members at EDII, in order to obtain information about the career and employment status of EDII alumni. The study was conducted with the help of a structured questionnaire, which was administered to EDII alumni.

The key findings of the survey are:

  • EDII alumni are rich in diversity and represent 27 states of India.
  • Till date, 1,398 (1,111 PGDM-BE and 287 PGDMN/PGDM-DS) students have successfully graduated from the institute. Of 1,398 students, 1,079 were male while 319 were female students.
  • EDII alumni are also present in countries such as Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Cambodia.
  • Hundred per cent alumni were targeted but could be collected data from 983 graduates (207 females and 776 males) only. Hence, the response rate was 70 per cent.
  • Nearly 78 per cent alumni have chosen entrepreneurial career paths. Of these, 54 per cent have joined family businesses, 23 per cent have created new ventures and one per cent have set up social enterprises.
  • Out of the 78 per cent alumni who have chosen entrepreneurial career paths, 32 per cent are into manufacturing, 37 per cent in services sector and 31 per cent are into trading business.
  • EDII alumni were also reported to be working at top positions in the industry. With their intrapreneurial skills, the alumni have reached senior positions in reputed organizations such as Kotak Securities, Plum Slice Labs, MART, Patni Computers (iGATE), Eco Lab, Donear India Limited, DS Group, AC Nielson, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.
  • Across all batches, alumni of the EDII PG programmes find their education to be rewarding personally, professionally and financially.
  • On a 10-point scale, the alumni were asked to rate the value of PGDM programmes in terms of the contribution that the programme made in helping them achieve their current position.
    • 14% rated 10 on 10
    • 11% rated 9 on 10
    • 43% rated 8 on 10
    • 22% rated 7 on 10

The overall rating was 8.12. Ninety per cent of the total ratings were between 7 and 10.

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