Eat-Study-Hangout…or maybe Eat again

However fresh we feel in the morning, by mid-day we all are anxiously waiting to hear the bell ring so as to escape to the canteen for lunch. In other words, we are eager to catch-up with friends.

Landing-up at the eatery in every-break we get, it soon makes for a roost where we all can gather at, hang out and wash our stress down with some food & soda in. That’s the best thing about having a campus canteen, because when good food is mixed with hygienic environment even students from different streams, get talking and bonding. We have no classrooms to divide us. Even a faculty member turns into a friend-cum-guide for us when sharing the table.

Having a state-of-the-art dining and kitchen facilities FLAME canteen makes for a spacious vegetarian eatery where we can feel at ease and enjoy our food in peace without feeling constrained. Located right next to the cricket ground and adjacent to the library, we can also sneak a short break from our outdoor activities and quickly run up to the counter for a soda to hydrate ourselves, as well as stealing a short coffee break when the library books get us sleepy. We simply have to flash our Smart Cards at the counter at the entrance to the dining hall to get plates issued. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, our young minds always look for a variety to eat, places to hang out and more as per our mood swings. So FLAME has a Café Coffee Day (CCD) outlet within its campus. Oh yes! A lot does happen over a coffee especially when we are with friends. But that’s not it, at FLAME it’s not just the experience of drinking a coffee or having an eatery that we get to enjoy; FLAME also allows us to try our management skills by giving us the opportunity to set up food stalls around the campus.

So whether we feel like having some snacks over coffee, a wholesome meal in the canteen or simply take a stroll, FLAME has all the options open for us. It’s our break time so we can enjoy it the way we like it at FLAME.