FIIB Debate: Is Racism within India an emerging Trend?

India stands in unity when Indians settled abroad face racial discrimination. But what happens when we succumb to racial discrimination against our own people? The recent death (allegedly killed on grounds of racism) of 19 year old Nido Taniam (from Arunachal Pradesh) in New Delhi raises concerns towards this once again. Being one of the several incidents of racism in India, it inspired last week’s FIIB Debate series which explored the topic- Is Racism within India an emerging trend or a false alarm? Select views of participants can be read below:

Racism exists & is a growing phenomenon

Racism is a silent disease that harms the person at the receiving end. Racial issues are fundamental in the Indian society. Time and again, several incidents involving individuals being harassed on racial grounds have come into limelight across the nation. These incidents and several untold stories re-affirm the existence of racial-bias in Indian society. Despite the launch of numerous campaigns to create awareness among masses to extirpate the radicle of racial differences, Indians have failed to grasp the bigger objective and have made light of the mission by showcasing an indifferent attitude.

The Indian Constitution empowers every single Indian to live freely with equal dignity in any corner of the nation. But this treatment only proves that there is still a need for awakening and spread of vibes of fraternity among people.

Racism in India is actually a myth

India has progressed in the last few decades. Citizens have become more liberal and broad-minded with the spread of education and social awareness. In India, a Punjabi, a Tamil or a Mizo guy has the same freedom as that of a Bihari or Gujju bhai. It is media and a section of public, who make it big! Murders happen & fights take place among persons of the same community too- isn’t it? It is not correct to label such incidents with marks of racism. Many incidents have been colored with racial tone only to incite differences among common masses for scooping in political advantage. However, it is important to keep an eye so that no such incidents take place in the future.

Disclaimer: The article has been written by a member of Corporate Communication team at Fortune Institute of International Business-FIIB, but the views in the article are that of the participants and do not reflect the views of the Institute.