March 2017, I was discussing with my mentor, a possibility of having a platform where a mentee could be connected to a prospective mentor, who would guide him in achieving mentee’s dream. Little did I know that it was going to be my project. One of the wonderful periods of my life when I got the opportunity to work for Success Factory or shall I say to make sure to bring this idea into existence.

There is a famous proverb – “Ideation without execution is merely an imagination” and I am a staunch believer in hard work. It was 4th May 2017, I started working on this idea and a lot of things changed in between. I worked on multiple fronts where I was involved in developing a framework of business model to design, mentors to mentee connect algorithm and many other things. I was not only learning and creating to develop a business model but also every nuance of business associated while raising a baby of business world which is called “start-up”.  For the next 65-70 days, I researched a lot many things and gained a lot of practical knowledge in the process. I failed many times in getting a right proposition to develop but ultimately, I was able to work my way through. Overall, I am highly satisfied with my experience and would like to thank IIT Roorkee to provide me with the requisite theories so that I would be able to implement and relate those in the practical world.

– Aaditya Pandey

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