DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #9

“Being a part of the TATA group is a dream come true. The brand name not only provides you with the requisite exposure but also grooms you in the ways of corporate life. My summer internship at TATA International Ltd opened completely new horizons for me. It gave me an opportunity to learn about the International Market under the excellent guidance of experienced mentors. The opportunity to get your hands dirty in specifics of international trade where the stakes are so high, moulds your mindset to work under tonnes of pressure with extreme caution. This not only emboldens you but also provides you with the motivation to give your best shot in every situation.

With India witnessing a dramatic change in the Goods & Services industry with the introduction of GST, getting an insider’s view on the trade, helps me understand its dynamics in depth, especially with the guidance and support of a well-equipped team.

My work involved supervising a team of interns for a research project to study and predict the changes in the domestic and international market and thus helped me understand various role players affecting the industry.

The feeling of being exhausted yet consumed in the work is one of bliss and I thank both TATA group and DoMS IIT Roorkee for such a wonderful opportunity.”

Vishal Kumar Chhatwani

Batch 2016-18

DoMS IIT Roorkee