DoMS IIT – Roorkee Internship Diary #8

“The best part of your internship will be your innocent ignorance of the fact that your seemingly simple ideas have the power to change a company’s future.”

I feel indebted to Daimler Group for providing me with an opportunity to actually experience the culture of a global firm in its true sense.

As an integral part of the Marketing team, I have learned how corporate functions on a daily basis, how they are efficiently managed and documented in the systems. The experience helped me understand better the incredible reach of these divisions and others and made me realize that the work interns do at Mercedes-Benz is not trivial, but an integral part of the company’s culture, motivation, and innovation for carrying out the mission and vision of the company.

My corporate exposure has taught me things which are beyond my project. From learning office etiquette, to how to smile at employees you’ve never interacted with to how to stay energetic all day to learning words in German.

My internship couldn’t have been more value adding to my career. It helped greatly to improve my professional mannerism. I gained a lot of knowledge from the diverse projects I worked on. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to observe the theories I had learned in classrooms, in action — in a real-life setting.

It is truly Mercedes-Benz – “the best or nothing.”

Suneel Gajre

Batch 2016-18

DoMS IIT Roorkee