DoMS IIT-Roorkee Internship Diary # 3

“Work becomes engaging when office feels like family. Being in the hospitality industry, this is the first thing you learn and expect and my expectations didn’t fall short one bit. When you join the corporate world for the first time, you expect a lot more from the industry than the industry expects from you, but you are overwhelmed when this becomes a phenomenal experience, in terms of learning and contributing to the organization.

As an HR intern, I was given a first-hand experience in related fields and more. Dealing with employee queries and issues provided me an insight on what an ideal organization provides to its employees. It’s all about knowing your internal customers, predicting their needs and fulfilling them anticipatorily. Contrary to a popular belief, regarding HRs, the work sometimes gets hectic as you have deadlines to meet and employee expectations to keep up to. The exposure acts as a forthright mirror of your capabilities, helping you realize your strengths and weaknesses and giving you an opportunity to hone them accordingly.”

Rashmi Aggarwal

Batch 2016 – 18

DoMS IIT- Roorkee