Does Rahul Gandhi deserve to be the PM of India?

Prime Minister of a country performs a major role in framing the Government policies and in running the Government. The party which wins the election forms the government and elects the prime minister. The question whether Rahul Gandhi deserves to be the PM is a moot point.

Five points in favor of the topic

1)Rahul Gandhi recent stand against the Maharashtra Government decision on Adarsh Scam clearly indicates that he not only has opinions on critical matters but also express it without any inhibition.

2) Rahul Gandhi’s strong pitch to the Indian Government to raise the subsidy of cylinders from annual 9 to 12 reflects his decision making skills.

3) Rahul Gandhi has worked at the grassroot level interacting with key stakeholders, this makes him a seasoned politician.

4) Rahul Gandhi is also popular among many congress leaders. His growing popularity reflects the consensus of the top leaders implying that Rahul Gandhi is fit to be a PM candidate.

5) Rahul Gandhi has the charisma to connect with youth as well as with the old people.

Four points not in favor of the topic

1) He does not have any significant political achievement to his credit.

2) Even being a politician for years he has asked important questions or taken a stand in Parliament till last year.

3) After getting elected as a MP from Amethi he has not fulfilled his pre election promises. The recent rally by AAP party member VishwaKumar reflects that people of Amethi are looking for an alternative option.

4) He is a PM candidate by virtue of belonging to the Gandhi clan and not like Modi who has showcased wins and has won the heart of people.