Conquer Jitters with Gestures to Excel in Interview

A person who is to face an interview for either a job or admissions for reputed courses in reputed institutions, do feel jittery, in spite of the best preparations. There is always fear of unknown. Moreover, it is a naked fact that what we know is fistful and what we do not know is as huge as the world. Therefore, the first step to feel confident is, how well can one present the answer one knows, in case a question on that topic is asked.

The interviewer can find out if a person actually knows the answer to a question, even before he/she has spoken, solely based on the gestures. The gestures can give enough indications to the effect. The unduly long pauses before answering, looking at the ceiling, not looking into the eyes of the interviewer while answering, giving a blank look, biting your tongue /lips etc. are indications that the interviewee is not confident. Noticing these gestures, the interviewer is prepared for an incorrect answer or an answer that is not going to be specific or which beats around the bush. The paramount aim in any interview is to capture the attention of the interview board and sustain it until the end. But, by doing wrong gestures and sending wrong signals a interviewee runs the risk of losing attention.

I can hear across the monitor somebody murmuring, “Oh, come on. It is easier to ask question but difficult to answer”. However, if asking question is your profession, like HR managers do, then sometimes asking the questions will be difficult.

The interviewing communities always have pressure, as they have to select the best in invariably less time amongst their other busy schedules. So, it is utmost important that a person starts of with a bang in any interview even before he opens his mouth to answer. The selection and colour combination of your dress and its fit, the way you have knotted your tie(with/without wrinkles), the way you come in, the way you sit, the way you are going to display emotions in your eyes(incidentally eyes do not lie),hand/finger moments and expressions on face, all forms part of gestures and interview. These gestures also fetch marks either knowingly or unknowingly.

Our court of law does not accept mere statements. They require corroborative witnesses to accept the statement of evidence. Similarly, in an interview process whatever you say by word of mouth, your statement is witnessed by the corroboration displayed through your gestures.

The jitters are the negative gesture and if any person appearing for the interview should be aware of it and train himself/herself to convert it into positive gestures to seize the initiative at the very beginning of the interview and maintain the momentum till the very end of the interview.

Gestures are the gist of truths that speaks for you before you speak yourself.

Col(retd) S Vijayaraghavan

Administrative Officer

Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai