Do You Have to Bell the CAT

So, you did not bell the CAT? Is that the end of the world? What are your options now?

So this was your 3rd time at CAT eh? Or may be the 4th? or 5th? The first attempt while in college went waste as you were having too much fun. The second attempt was awash with workload on the job. The 3rd one was real serious but still did not get enough to get into an IIM. The 4th one was even more serious but then the CAT eluded you again, so there will be a 5th and 6th attempt as well but what are your other options really? Is success only being an investment banker or a FMCG marketing guru? While the grass definitely looks greener on the other side, is it really that green?

If you are an IT/ITES/Analytics professional and have picked up 4-5 years of valuable experience with a Rs 8-10 lacs or more as salary; is leaving your job for two years, paying Rs 20 plus lakh fee is really worth it? Is a drastic career shift from IT to Banking/FMCG sales still relevant for you? Would you rather not find a good career option in the same industry where you are? Oh sure, you hate your current job but are all jobs in your company, in your industry or an adjacent industry really hate worthy?

If this has held your attention so far, I will turn to the options you have shortly…