Director’s Interview – Dr. K L Dhingra NIBM


Director of NIBM, Dr K L Dhingra  has over 37 years of experience in Banking, Finance and Management, out of which he has worked for more than 23 years in the position of Executive Director and above. Here’s an exclusive interview with Dr K L Dhingra conducted by the PaGaLGuY.

  1. With an experience spanning over close to four decades in leadership and directorial roles in the banking and finance sector, what inspired you to choose academia and NIBM?
  • I have been always interested in academics. I have not only done education in the field of Banking and Finance from India; I have done education in Banking from UK also.   I have also been conferred Fellowships by global banking and finance related institutions.  I have also completed Ph.D. to pursue my academic goals.
  1. With a healthy blend of conceptual learning across banking, capital markets, financial institutes, how do we balance the exposure to experiential learning initiatives also across these domains for NIBM students?
  • Our students learn from senior and top management of banks and financial institutions, who join NIBM as banker faculty members. Their experience enriches the young minds.  They also work on Case Studies based on problems faced by banks. Finally, they work at reputed banks and financial institutions, as Summer interns, for eight weeks
  1. As per the mandate of RBI and IBA, regarding certification of bankers at various desk positions, NIBM has launched Online Certification Courses using modern technology platform. Could you share more insights on the types of courses being launched?
  • So far, NIBM has launched five e-certification courses on a) Credit b) Treasury Management c) Risk Management d) Accounts and Audit and e) Small Finance Banks. A sixth one, for Payments Banks, is on anvil.
  1. As an autonomous apex institution for research, training, education and consultancy in bank management what are the advantages, or the kind of exposure given to all your students?
  • We are able to transfer the knowledge, experience and insights gleaned through our training programmes and consultancy assignments, to our PGDM students. This is how we combine the best of theoretical knowledge and practical wisdom.
  1. Who are the perceived competitors for NIBM institute?
  • NIBM is the apex institution in teaching, training, research and consultancy in banking and finance. We did an internal study and realized that no other institution has offered so many products in the field of banking and finance.  Only NIBM offers such a complete package
  1. With over 5000 participants including 800 from various developing nations attend NIBM training programmes every year, what makes it so unique?
  • Research-based curriculum design in depth appreciation of global banking sector regulations (e.g. Basel guidelines) and a great blend of theory and practice attract so many foreign participants to our campus, every year.
  1. What are the upcoming challenges for banking and finance sector and how do you think it will impact the B&FS program? How are you planning to overcome those as a teaching institute?
  • The increasing level of NPAs and NBFC crisis have affected the ability of the banking and financial services sector to grow fast. As a result, summer and final placements of our PGDM students could have been adversely affected.   However, our reputation as a definitive source of domain expertise in banking and finance has ensured the flow of renowned recruiters to our campus even this year.
  1. Any feedback for the lakhs of MBA aspirants in India who are currently in the process of shortlisting the right b-school which will help them fulfill their aspirations and even help them in identifying a suitable career path?
  • My only advice to MBA aspirants across India is that “Choose an Institute which makes you knowledgeable. Professional success will follow soon.  Shun the path of glamour and publicity – it never pays”.


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