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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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Directions for Q.1 to Q.5: The following pie chart
shows the hourly distribution (in degrees) of all the major activities of a

1. The percentage of time which he spends in school

(a) 38%            (b) 30%            (c) 40%            (d)

2. How much time (in per cent) does he spend in games
in comparison to sleeping?

(a) 30%            (b) 40%            (c) 25%            (d)
None of these

3. If he spends the time in games equal to the home
work and remains constant in other activities, then the percentage decrease in
time of sleeping?

(a) 15%            (b) 12.5%         (c) 20%            (d)
None of these

4. What is the difference in time (in hours) spent in
school and in home work?

(a) 2                 (b) 4                 (c) 5                 (d)

5. If he spends 1/3rd time of home work in Mathematics
then the number of hours he spends in rest of the subject in homework?

(a) 1                 (b) 2                 (c) 3                 (d)

6. The total number of natural numbers that lie
between 10 & 300 & are divisible by 9 is

(a) 32               (b) 30               (c) 33               (d)

7. One side of an equilateral triangle is
24 cm. the midpoints of its sides are joined to form another triangle whose
midpoints are in turn joined to form still another triangle. This process
continues indefinitely. Find the sum of the perimeters of all the triangles.

(a) 144 cm                   (b) 72 cm                     (c) 536 cm                   (d) 676 cm

8. The probability that a leap year selected at random
contains either 53 Sundays or 53 Mondays is:

(a) 17/53         (b) 1/53           (c) 3/7             (d)
None of these

9. The average of 4 distinct prime numbers
a, b, c, d is 35 where a

(a) 30               (b) 14               (c) 21               (d)
Cannot be determined

10. A solid sphere is melted and recast into a right
circular cone with a base radius equal to the radius of the sphere. What is the
ratio of the height and radius of the cone so formed?

(a) 4 : 3            (b) 2 : 3            (c) 3 : 4            (d)
None of these

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1(b)    2(c)    
3(b)    4(b)     5(b)     6(a)  
7(a)    8(c)     9(b)   

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