Dairy of a ‘non deserving’ high percentiler in CAT

Ok, so I got 75%tile, I believe I should have got only that much, but since everyone is crying foul, even I would say I should have got 99.999, just halt the freaking process, create disturbance. And ya, just because I’m filing a petition, IIMs should book a seat for me, instead, they should make a reservation for me in the front row of the classrooms. The front rows of all the IIMs reserved for the people who cried foul, filed a petition, and secured admissions in IIMs. By this logic, all the cent percent students who registered for CAT should be given an IIM seat. Why is the process of IIMs so complicated. Why don’t they have the number of seats equivalent to the number of students appearing for CAT? This way all the students will be satisfied. Also the demand will truly be equal to the supply. But we will never know, the IIMs will never tell us. I tell you there is a big scam in waiting. We will teach the IIMs a lesson. Make the number of seats equal to the number of students or we will not let you make your selections peacefully. And yes, don’t anger me by not giving me a good score even if I perform pathetically in the exam. All the students who got a good score ‘definitely’ don’t deserve it. I do.

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