CTET December 2019 Exam Pattern and Preparation Strategy

CBSE CTET Exam 2019

To undertake the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) directed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) biannually, candidates not only need a strong idea of primary mathematics but also a perspective on how people learn the subject. The CTET questions oblige candidates to combine the two with principles of healthy teaching.

The teacher needs to ponder on these basic aspects of the sensual world and relate them to mathematical ideas for both the paper i.e. 1 and 2.

CTET test judges the power of reflection about mathematics and pedagogical issues. However, time is short. The examinee can partially evade the problem by deciding whether they feel more assured about attempting the mathematics questions or the pedagogical questions.

This is especially so for the mathematics portion of paper 2 where 20 questions assess mathematical knowledge while only 10 evaluate pedagogical issues. A mathematically-able candidate may finish off the 20 questions on mathematics and then strive the questions on pedagogical issues as per the choice.

CBSE CTET 2019 Exam Pattern and Important preparation tips

The examinees may prepare exercises from different and challenging mathematics books. The pedagogical section, especially the importance of Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Lawrence Kohlberg, and ideas of constructivism and multiple intelligences must be revised with the accompanying reflection of what they imply for mathematics teaching.

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It is very significant to practice with past CTET papers. Both papers 1 and 2 are for 2.5 hours. Respectively paper consists of 150 questions in all. Hence the meantime for answering each of the 150 questions is 1 minute. Remaining 30 questions for mathematics be answered in 30 minutes. Thus, it will be relevant to finish answering the easier questions first keeping it a core strategy (and then going on to the remainder of the questions. Dallying on trying to answer certain questions can prove to be unfavorable.

For more information check the official website of CTET, which is www.ctet.nic.in.

Candidates should understand, preparing for the CTET requires consistent practice, which will interrupt the cycle of fear and failure by building knowledge with the pattern of the questions. Qualifying for CTET will cover the way for a satisfying career in teaching and create confident teachers.