A single podium for simultaneous interaction and synergy between corporate leaders, academicians and future managers, a three day management conclave, a galleria of eight summits harnessing invaluable insights and ideas into various aspects of the business world and prevalent economic trends through a myriad of sub-topics amalgamated with the minds of 45 respective panelists sharing their experiences and learnings and a chance for the IMI, New Delhi student fraternity to show their managerial might, rub shoulders with eminent personalities and hone their knowledge and skills to shape themselves as global leaders, Conventus rightly justifies ‘coming together’; for it brings everyone from IMI, New Delhi together to leave a dent in the business globe. This year was no different, as we rightly justified the themeTransforming Corporate India: Transcending Innovation Towards Strategic Sustenance by organising yet another successful Conventus 2016.

The first day saw the Inauguration ceremony honoured by the august presence of Mr. Sandip Tarkas, CEO (Sports, Media and Special Projects) at Future Group, Director General Padma Shri Dr. Bakul Dholakia and Dean Academics Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi. Each of these honourable guests highlighted the need for innovation with sustenance in order to lead the country towards unparalleled growth, setting the tone for the further summits to come. The Inauguration ceremony was followed by a session on marketing, which was centred around new practices in terms of brand placement, brand communication and user stories leading the way for brands and enhance user experience. The session was moderated by Prof. Neena Sondhi and the attending panelists shared their key insights into the topic making the summit a truly remarkable experience. The Marketing summit was followed by the finance summit, which laid emphasis on sustainable practices within the banking sector, boosted by inputs from the esteemed panelists who were unanimous for the importance of economic appraisal in financial stability.

The Second day was to witness three another quality sessions,i.e, Operations Summit, HR Summit and the Strategy Summit respectively. The day started with the Operations summit putting Supply Chain Management as its sub- theme, highlighting the need to boost sustenance in Supply chain operations to boast competitive advantage for any firm, as all the panelists re-iterated their thoughts on the similar lines.The HR Summit, moderated by Prof. Irfan A. Rizvi, who wonderfully co-ordinated the session by gathering valuable inputs from various speakers of the panel on Innovative HR practices, saw a common consensus on the need of innovation and growth for sustenance. The final session for the day, the Strategy Summit, talked about lean management and its relevance to business sustenance by making innovation as the base and the attending guests shared their views and experiences on the same leaving the audience with thought- provoking insights and ideas to ponder upon.

The third and the last day saw no dampening of enthusiasm amongst the students as the first session,i.e., the Economics Summit, saw a huge fervour as the discussion on innovations in sectorial ecosystem saw unchartered territories being ruptured and new insights being tossed and shared, leaving the attendees with a fruitful learning experience.The Entrepreneurship Summit, which soon followed after, saw the panelists who were entrepreneurs themselves sharing their entrepreneurial journey and the need for innovation along with the will to succeed as necessary pre-requisites for any startup or a budding venture out in the market. The IMAC Summit gave all a glimpse into the world of predictive analysis and mining by using data and patterns through the eyes of the prestigious panelists who put their impetus on predictions and mining as the key to analytical success for any firm which seeks unprecedented growth and stability.

As all good things come to an end, Conventus 2016 also saw its Valedictory ceremony being attended by Mr. Pankaj Rana, Business head, Mobility Division, Panasonic India along Dr Arvind Chaturvedi, Dean, Academics and Alumni Relations Committee. While Mr. Rana quoted the necessity of being innovative while marketing it simultaneously, Dr. Chaturvedi confirmed the essence of the conclave by highlighting how it has touched the nitty-gritty of the corporate world with all the summits and speakers contributing towards what was the best Conventus being organised so far.” Be passionate, work smart and make progress”, remarked Mr. Rana, and we at Conventus 2016 have already geared up to the challenge of being better and better for the next time and all the years to come.

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