Connecting India with results

PaGaLGuY is kick-starting a new series on people who have made it big in their respective professions – those who have come up by sheer grit. Here is the next one in the series with an article by Saurabh Agarwal who is the Managing Director at

 There was a time when students’ would flock their Colleges and Universities to find their results. A friend of mine sparked the idea about offering an alternative access to students for checking their results, that too without having to waste their time and energy waiting in queues. That’s how the idea of INDIARESULTS was born. We started in 2000, around the same time that the internet was making inroads across India. Ever since, the effect of this idea has been huge and there has been no looking back.

It was not an easy task to get colleges and universities share their results with us. But we learnt and have become better at obtaining it. Though times have changed, and almost every result is available online today, we still get a lot of traffic to our site. Reason being we have excellent server capacity which a lot of other sites don’t. Government run sites especially cannot take the excessive load during result releases. This happens to be an important reason why most state boards and universities publish their results on our site. Ultimately students prefer to check their results from our site rather than their own college or university given link.

Credit for this also goes to the INDIARESULTS marketing team which does an excellent job of getting us this material. I firmly believe that people are more important than processes, which has helped me retain employees who have been with the company since inception. Their experiences add insight to the company, and my new hires from the younger generations bring knowledge about technology to the table.  This blend of insight and knowledge creates an energy that makes my company successful.

I firmly believe that Youth and Education are the two focal points from where development starts. It is difficult to find good candidates with a sound background in technology. It may also be true that tech-savvy people may find Rajasthan and Jaipur to be slow-paced compared to the metros that they are used to, but this too is changing. The simplicity of our idea and years of hard work have brought my company to a level where we are synonymous with ‘Results’. My aim is to connect India with internet where our services will be quick, unfailing, and user friendly. We are constantly working to offer the best resources to our consumers.