Confessions of an Agony Aunt- of the MBA Prep Industry

“Thank you for all your help. I wish I had met you earlier. You know you are like an Agony Aunt…”

Complements in my line of work are not rare but this one left me completely speechless. It made me wonder why do people get so desperate after things have gone wrong.

Yes I was playing some sort of an Agony Aunt of the Premium MBA Prep Industry when I had taken it upon myself to provide free DING analysis for the R1 rejects of ISB and some high quality Anxiety Counselling for people wait listed by ISB after round one.

Of the 65 cases I have dealt with so far at least 50 have had a bad/ avg. interview encounter which was totally avoidable had they prepared well.

Close to 45 people had issues with representing themselves correctly with essays.

10 or 15 who were DINGed had a GMAT score close to or more than ISBs Avg GMAT score of 720 and I attribute their failure to totally avoidable flaws in the way they portrayed their candidature first in their Essays and then at the Interview.

The Gods Gift to Mankind attitude does not help you see…

I firmly believe that at least 55 (85%) of these candidates could have had ADMITs had they taken professional help to edit their Essays and prepare for their Interview.

I know a lot of you may be thinking that professional consultants are expensive but remember you are looking at making an investment of 3 million so honestly should 5 to 15 grands matter?

Also there is this entire argument about ‘Ethics’ that people put in there way when making up a case against paid consulting for MBA prep and will happy go to a friend or family member for unpaid but unprofessional .

To all of them I have one thing to say…

“Remember a paid coach created Sachin Tendulkar and unpaid advice from friends and relatives led to the Mahabaharat.”

Wish you all the best for the Round 2.