Comparing the PGPs at Masters’ Union and ISB

Masters’ Union School of Business and Indian School of Business (ISB) are both placed among the best management and business schools in India. Masters’ Union offers an intensive Post-Graduate Program (PGP) in Technology and Business. The 16-months program offers students an opportunity to learn management skills through a unique hands-on learning experience. Although this program is quite new and distinct, it appears to have some aspects in common with the PGP offered by ISB.  ISB is a well-established business school in India, and there is no doubt that its students receive a well-deserved prominence in the industry. However, upon careful observation, it is clear that the PGP offered by the Masters’ Union is quite different on several levels from the PGP offered by ISB. This article elaborates on these different aspects in order to help you make a suitable choice when enrolling in a business school. The following can help provide a rough idea of both the business schools.

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  Indian School of Business Masters’ Union
Entrance Exams Required GRE/GMAT GRE/GMAT *
Work Experience 2 years of work experience is recommended, although the average work experience is 4.2 years. Early entry option is available for those with less experience. Work experience is not necessary though preferred. Applicants in the final year of graduation demonstrating maturity and leadership through personal experiences may apply.
Number of students Approximately 900 120
Academic Background of Previous Students 68% are engineers, whereas 32% are non-engineers. 17% are engineers; 22% have a business background; 61% are non-engineers.
Fees INR 36 Lakhs INR 17 Lakhs

*Exam requirement waivered due to COVID situation this year.

Below we discuss some essential aspects of both the schools, which are diverse and require careful consideration when enrolling or applying for admission.

 Admission Requirements

ISB Masters’ Union

●       A valid GMAT/GRE score

●       Valid work experience

●       Bachelor’s degree in any discipline

●       TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores if the instruction language at the undergraduate level is not English.

●       Details of awards, scholarships, and other academic achievements are important. Two mandatory essays on the given questions.

●       Recommendation letter from a current supervisor

●       Personal interview upon clearing the first round

●       A valid GMAT/GRE score *

●       Valid work experience

●       Bachelor’s degree in any discipline

●       An up-to-date resume

●       At least two recommendation letters

●       Two essays to the following topics:

  1. If you had $100 Million to acquire a company, which one would you acquire, and why?
  2. Tell us about one experience or incident that fundamentally changed your life.

These essays can be submitted in the form of videos (2-min long).

 *Exam requirement waivered due to COVID situation this year.

Learning Methodologies at ISB

The PGP at ISB is offered under four specializations, namely Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Policy, and Infrastructure. At ISB, the PGP is conducted with an aim to inculcate some fundamental skills among its students:

  • Interpersonal awareness and teamwork
  • Critical and integrative thinking
  • Awareness and understanding of global issues concerning businesses
  • Effective oral communication
  • Ethical responsibility

As a teaching methodology, the PGP provides offers many distinctive aspects, which are discussed below:

Experiential learning program (ELP): The ELP is a program that allows students to engage and work on a project with a company. Through this five-month program, students can acquire hands-on experience and work directly with companies under the guidance of a faculty advisor and industry experts. The students working with companies through this program are often recruited by them.

International Exchange: The international exchange program offers inbound and outbound exchange opportunities for students and allows them to experience business and management in other countries.

LEAD or Leadership Development: The three-day leadership development program aims to enhance the skills and abilities of students to make them effective leaders of the future.

Learning Methodology at Masters’ Union

Masters’ Union aims to provide students an industry-immersive experience with the assistance of industry experts and leaders. The offers PGP can be completed with specialization in one of the four exclusive fields, namely Management & Strategy; Finance & Fintech; Marketing Branding & Design; and Computing, Business Analytics, & Statistics. The distinct PGP program allows students to acquire skills and knowledge in two industry concentrations from the following:

  • Banking, private equity, and venture capital
  • Family business
  • Digital e-commerce
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Technology, product, and project management

For industry immersion, the PGP allows students to work on consulting projects sponsored by renowned companies in the industry. These projects are accepted as credits toward the course. The program also includes courses in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency; Software as a Service; E-commerce Implementations, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. In addition, for each quarter, students can visit prominent business sites in the country to gain a better understanding of different aspects of businesses. The business school also comprises research centers and an incubator, which further help develop new and effective business models and encourage innovations.

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Costs and Return on Investment

  ISB Masters’ Union
Fees INR 36 Lakhs INR 17 Lakhs
What’s included Accommodation fees, tuition fees, and alumni association membership deposit Admission fee, life-long membership, tuition fee.
Mean Salary Package INR 25.09 LPA Data unavailable.

As Masters’ Union is a newly established institute, there is no data on placement. However, note that with its industry immersion, hands-on learning experience, and strong faculty network, the program offers excellent opportunities for learning on par with the PGP at ISB. Thus, it can be expected from the Masters’ Union to offer excellent placement opportunities for career progression.

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