“Coming to Mumbai was a dream,” says Bhavesh Dhingra, JEE Advanced 2016 AIR 2

PaGaLGuY brings to you excerpts from another JEE Advanced 2016 topper about his triumphs and travails in JEE, and life ahead 

Bhavesh Dhingra (312/372, AIR 2) from Chandigarh, in his own words…  

I have had only two years of JEE coaching, unlike some of my friends who have been taking coaching for about four-five years. However, earlier in school I used to participate in many Olympiads, the preparation for which helped me build a strong base in science and maths. This is why I had a good control over the basic concepts since school.  

From the day of the results, I have been celebrating my victory every day and the celebrations will continue for the next couple of days as well. It’s a big thing to happen, and we’ve exhausted almost every way to rejoice, like fine dining, drinks, partying, movie nights, etc.. Now, I am looking forward to the counselling session. Beyond that, I haven’t thought so much about my future. I don’t like to make long term plans. Once I get into a college, I’ll think about what to do next. As of now, I just want to spend the next four years in IIT Bombay. Even though I am originally from Delhi, I want to come down to Mumbai, that’s a dream. I don’t have a great interest in anything specific, but I’ll take up whatever activities come my way. I will do as much as I can during the first year – curricular and extra-curricular.