JEE Advanced 2016 Results: Visually impaired, yet far sighted; Samprit Jambhulkar AIR 1

For Samprit Jambhulkar just 40% vision didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams. With an AIR 1 in the physically disabled (PwD) category of SC, this teenager has set his eyes on IIT Bombay. Here is Samprit’s journey to the top rank.

The real issue with my vision disability is that I have to study only during the day. Studying at night is stressful to my eyes. While my friends could spend time studying at night, I would sleep. In class, I would, at times, go close to the board to see what was written. I got notes recorded, but that is hard as well. Difficulty in reading numbers is a problem especially in the reference books, from which my friends would read and discuss. 

When I got to know the results, I was very surprised. I had studied hard but didn’t expect to be a topper. Though I expected a rank within 7,000, my common list rank is 15,495 however, I am happy because it is a step closer to my dream – IIT Bombay. I haven’t decided if I should pursue Computer Science or Mechanical branch. I have heard both are very good.

I haven’t thought so much about what next, but right now I am just excited about getting into an IIT and pursuing my engineering dreams.”