Coaching institutes in Kota help students affected by demonetization

While coaching students of Kota are also hit by the demonetization drive, the institutes try to help them. Allen Career Institute, Kota, which has a student strength of over 75,000 in the city itself, has issued public appeals on social media and conventional media for people to help students facing problems post demonetization. The institute is asking public at large to help students exchange their old notes.

Director of Allen Career Institute, Kota, Naveen Maheshwari is in the public appeals wherein he asked hostels, and mess centers to accept payments through cheque, card, paytm and other non-cash modes.  “Students should be given priority in the bank and ATM queues. Let us cooperate and help our coaching students,” he added. 

Almost 1.50 lakh coaching students go to Kota every year to prepare medical and engineering entrance examinations. Director of Career Point Institute, Shailendra Maheshwari, mentioned that although they have not issued any public appeals, they hope students are rendered help if needed.

“Our institute has a ATM machine within premises through which large number of their institute students are resolving their money woes,” added Maheshwari.

To avoid long queues students can visit ATMs within their institute premises to withdraw money to meet their daily expenses. Administrative head, AK Tiwari of Bansal Classes, Kota said that their institute also has an ATM within the premises and students are making use of it for meeting their daily expenses.

However, all the coaching institutes have welcomed the demonetization move of the Modi government as it will help to check the black money in our country.