Class 12th CBSE students who appeared for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics subjects this year and score 84% or less were granted 56 marks which is nearly 11% extra marks in total. As per the sources, CBSE board granted 11 extra marks in each Physics and mathematics, whereas 10 marks each in Biology and Chemistry. This high moderation of marks is now a trend from 2016 onward.

Moderation in marking scheme happens for many reasons such as difficulty level, lengthy question paper etc. Those who fail in the subject will not be given moderate marks and the total marks obtained by a student after the moderate marks must not be more than 95. Some experts still believe that high moderation mark is on of the reason behind throat level high scoring.

The centre has set up a committee which will scrutinise the uniform distribution of moderate marks to each student. Although, it was unanimously decided by all the state boards to discontinue the grant of moderate marking rather to focus on the setting up of the question paper accordingly so that this situation will not arise.

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