Chasing the dreams and facing the Reality-I

It all started when I performed well in some of my class exams. I thought I was a very bright student and I wont settle for anything small. Eventually my parents and relatives thought so and I was pounded with millions and zillions of expectation. I appeared for class X exams and missed the overly hyped 90% mark by a whisker. Others thought it was bad luck. My mother said “God might have other plans of rewarding you”. I am sure many of you would have heard that phrase from your well wishers. I waited for the reward.

My father always wanted me to be a doctor. I started hunting for the doctor in me. Planning phase started(you know Indians are so good at planning). But in the end I turned into a “Dhobi ka kutta” . Neither did I fare well in my board exams nor I managed to clear any of medical entrance tests.For the first time I faced the national crowd and got a national rank(not worth mentioning). That added to my confusion whether to become a doctor/engineer. Given the limited number of govt seats in Medical colleges I knew its going to be tough. But I thought myself to be Rambo Rajkumar and was sure will ace if I prepare for medical entrance exams for 1 yr. My father saw that Rambo streak in me and let me prepare. I took admission in a reputed coaching institute and started preparing. While preparation my mock scores gave me the hint “Dear Engineer, Don’t try to be a doctor. Come soon I am waiting for you.” But I persisted and went on. I appeared for every Medical entrance but got as anticipated by you all “Babaji ki Thullu”. I was disappointed quite a lot. With that came the real challenge to decide whether to prepare for another year or took admission in Engg. The stakes were high because of the famous phrase “Career ka sawal hai bhai”. Also there was a notion in Engineering while campus placements, companies pester you with questions on academic year gap. This time I didn’t overestimate myself and took admission in a good engineering college of my state.

Then started my Engineering Saga. As everyone of the AVERAGE ENGINEER breed enjoy these 4 years to the fullest, I was no exception. In the final year I started preparing but this time I was cautious not to turn into the same “Dhobi ka kutta”. I took the safer side and started preparation for Campus placements. Finally I landed myself at a decent IT major. As getting into IT was never a herculean task, I aspired for more So I appeared for CAT and XAT that year without any preparation. The results came. I was just hoping to get a decent %ile so as not be humiliated in front my friends. But God had other plans. I scored a mere 38%ile in CAT and 67%ile in XAT.